Monday, January 19, 2009

One word sums it up....Disastrous!!!!

Ok....Most of the people that read my blog knew that I had a very exciting weekend planned out for the 3 day MLK weekend. I was taking my first trip to Atlanta with just Avery and looking very forward to it.

Avery and I took off to Atlanta at 12:00 on Friday with the back of the Pathfinder packed to roof. ( I am a ridiculous packer!!) My reason for leaving at 12:00 was so that Avery would sleep most of the way. She slept to Eufaula and stayed awake the rest of the way. She did great, considering the distance, until we got to Atlanta....Oh the drama begins!

SO, I am approaching the 75/85 merge when out of nowhere, the traffic is pretty much at a standstill and just crawling along. I expected this to happen because of the afternoon traffic, but I didn't expect the road sign that was flashing "CarFire...All lanes blocked....60+ min delays"!!! I could feel the panic attack creeping up, so I called Ray and begged him to somehow help me. I explained to him that I could not just sit on an interstate with a 1 1/2 year old. She was doing so good and I knew I was pushing my luck since her nap was cut short. He calmed me down and I decided to take Langford Parkway and just to see what would happen. Very good choice!! I pretty much skipped the blocked highway and got right back on 75/85. Panic attack diverted and Avery never let out a peep! Everything is going I thought!

As I was approaching the 75/85 split, Avery began to cry out of nowhere. Just as I glanced back to check on her, the projectile vomiting began and would NOT stop. Panic attack back in full swing. I am pretty much trapped in a lane that I could not get out of and my daughter is soooo sick. We are trapped on a part of the interstate that the only exits were exits to other major roads. We are pretty much trapped on the interstate. She is crying, I am crying, and completely helpless. Never have I felt so helpless in my life and terrified at the same time!!! I keep driving to my destination for fear if I stopped I would not be able to put her back in that car seat. It is freezing cold outside and she is covered. Poor Ray is at work and more helpless than me and I am begging him on the phone to just calm me down. He calms me down and I make it to my destination. I get Avery out and rush her to a warm bath. She laughs and plays as if everything is fine.

Was this just a case of car sickness? That was the conclusion for 2 hours and then reality hit. And it hit pretty much every 30 mintues until midnight. I have never seen my baby this sick. I am at a friends place, and I am dealing with something I have never dealt with and Ray is 3 1/2 hours away. At the same time, I am starting to feel pretty bad myself. My throat is really starting to hurt and I am running a slight fever. How can I spend the whole week-end up here with a sick child when I am sick too and worse, how can I drive home by myself with a sick child?

Conclusion: Ray being the great husband he is, takes off to Ft. Gaines Friday night. Ray and his wonderful mother had already decided to get up early Saturday and come to Atlanta. They made it to Atlanta by 8:30 and we were home by 12:30. I only got to see 2 out of 7 friends and Avery only got to see 1 out of 5 friends. Avery had a 24 hour stomach virus and was completely better by Saturday night. I went to the doctor Sunday morning and got a prescription for a sinus infection and ear infections. I felt better Monday morning.

Lesson learned: Always take someone with you on a road trip for unforseen occurrences. I will never forget this trip!!! Not the memories I wanted to make, but it definitely made me appreciate my friends and family more for everything that they did.

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Meredith said...

I'm so glad you both are feeling better and hated that it happened while you were here... I hope to see you soon!