Thursday, November 6, 2008

"Boyfriends" so soon!

With Avery being the only little girl around most of the time, it is so funny to me to see her interact with all the boys. She is prissy, but tough at the same time. She can hold her on with the best of them. Halloween was a blast this year being able to take her around the neighborhood. We are so blessed to have a tight group of friends with all of our kids around the same age.

It was so much fun to dress up our kids using the Wizard of Oz theme. Avery is surrounded by her "boyfriends" and you can just see how happy they are. I am well aware that at this age, Halloween is more for the parents! The years of being a princess or rock star are fast approaching, so I better enjoy the cute, themed Halloween while I can!!

But...going back to having boyfriends. The funniest parts of the play dates are when the mommas (including me) start asking the babies to give hugs and kisses out. With the cameras ready, every kiss and hugged is documented. Ray is so funny, because he is so protective over Avery and just the idea of us using the terms "boyfriend" or "girlfriend' gets him fired up. I can only imagine when she is a teenager. Start praying for us now!!! I have posted some pics of Avery and her many boyfriends...Please take note that most of these pictures are taken on the same day. :-)

Hunter and Avery

JW and Avery

Eb and Avery

Grayson and Avery


~~~MGF said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! May I say that I am terrified but with the encouragement of WA(~W)I will face my fears as never before.
I loved reading your blog and seeing the great pics of Avery. Can't wait to read and see more! ~Mel

The Attaway's-"Life with Twins"!! said...

We agree... the "boyfriend" thing scares us too! We will have to make sure that the girls get to know Avery so that they can "stick together" through the tough times...I am sure they are coming....GIRLS..what a blessing they are!!!


Anonymous said...

i'm just so happy that eb is one of her many boyfriends!