Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I am thankful for...

With tomorrow being Thanksgiving, I would like to share a few things that I am most thankful for. Now please take note....some of the things I have listed are material things, but I am human and love them for what they are!!

* Avery & Ray- they are my life!!!
* my parents (and that includes Kay and Creamer)- I think about how lucky I am to have 4 parents and how wonderful it is to be able to spend our holidays together!!

* my sister- she would do anything for me

* my nieces and nephews- love, love, love them!

* Ray's parents- they are wonderful!!

* my friends near and far- I have been blessed with great friends! Miss the ones who live elsewhere every day!

* my wonderful coworkers

* Avery's friends & boyfriends

* the memories of my grandparents and my aunts and uncle who are no longer here- We always did Thanksgiving together

* Lucy (my sweet kittie that is almost 9 years old)

* my DVR - gives me a chance to enjoy my shows when sweet baby girl is in bed and I have Blue's Clues and Backyardigans on demand when Avery is begging for them!

* sweet tea

* Alabama's great football season- Tuscaloosa here I come!!

* chicken fingers

* the beach- would love to live on one some day!

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The Attaway's-"Life with Twins"!! said...

Melissa, she is so adorable! I think she looks just like you! Miss you all!