Sunday, November 16, 2008

What moms will do to get the perfect picture!

Why do moms obsess with the perfect picture? I spent most of my picture time yesterday trying to get an 17 month old to cooperate just to get the "perfect" picture. After the repositioning and wrestling match was over, the candid shots were the best. Go figure! You would think that after 1200 printed pics (no exaggeration) from my own camera, I would realize that my favorite pics of Avery are the ones where she is just being her and no posing.

We went to yesterday to do Christmas and 18 month pictures. After a meltdown, quick game of chase, shattered Christmas lights, another meltdown, hot flash (mine), a wardrobe change of wiggling toddler, and another game of chase, we were able to get 30 pics of Avery. This was the hardest photo session yet. I was physically exhausted after 30 minutes!! Poor Mary (the photographer) really earned her pay yesterday! Now I have the job of picking a picture to make Christmas cards. I have attached a few pics from yesterday. Enjoy!


~~~MGF said...

First Pic -- "Ok Mom, I'll do it"
second Pic -- "I love you Mom."
Third Pic -- "Yee-Haw!! Fun, Fun"

These are good pictures.

Nene said...

You should never have to worry about a perfect picture because Avery is a natural. Little Miss ANTM.

The Attaway's-"Life with Twins"!! said...

How beautiful....if only my wild ones would sit that still:)) Love you all! Miss ya!